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Babyhome Emotion Bumper Bar

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Babyhome Emotion Bumper Bar is a practical and effective must-have accessory for your Emotion stroller. It's easy to install and maintains a strong hold on your stroller's frame throughout use, so your little one will be safe from unwanted intrusions. If you want to change your stroller seat, the Bumper Bar is always ready to adapt; whether you face your seat forward or backward, or modify it to become a bassinet, the Bumper Bar can maintain its centered position.

A soft grip surrounding the front of the Bumper Bar keeps your baby safe from potential contact, so if they kick the bar or hit their head by accident they won't get hurt. The Bumper Bar is great for busy, congested areas, where it protects your baby from pushy crowds and people rushing by.

And if you ever do run into someone, or something, the Bumper Bar's durable build is sure to remain strong against intruding obstacles. Keep your baby safe from the world as your stroll with the simple protection of the Bumper Bar.


Benefits and Features:

SAFETY FIRST: The Bumper Bar keeps your little safe from all the obstacles you might meet on your stroll. Designed to fit your stroller's frame, the bumper bar attaches about midway up the stroller's seat, and protects baby from collisions with walls, posts, people, and whatever else may cross your path.

EASY TO INSTALL: Made with simplicity in mind, the Bumper Bar is easy to install on your stroller's frame. Each side of the Bumper Bar clamps onto the frame in a flash, and maintains a secure hold to keep your baby safe.

ADAPTABLE: No matter how you position your stroller's seat, the Bumper Bat will adapt. The Bumper Bar can remain in its centered position whether your seat faces forward or backward, or is modified to become a bassinet.

SOFT PROTECTION: For your baby's safety, the Bumper Bar feature a soft grip all around the front. If your baby leans too far forward, waves their arms, or kicks their legs and hits the Bumper Bar, the soft grip will protect them from painful bumps and bruises.

DURABLE AND STRONG: The Bumper Bar maintains a tight grip on the frame of the stroller to ensure your baby's safety in the case of a collision. Its durable build will remain strong against intruding obstacles so your little one is always secure.

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