8 ideas for an Insta worthy home!

8 ideas for an Insta worthy home!

With interior designing these days, it’s all about the aesthetic, the photo walls and the Instagram. We can’t all be rich and live in Ms Tjin Lee’s level of luxury but we sure as heck can pretend to! Beautiful things don’t have to come with a huge price tag. So here’s our list of tip top avant garde ideas for that light and flawless Instagram home!


1. Stick to muted colours like whites and greys with browns and beiges to interject

White and Greys provide a clean slate for any interior design aficionado who doesn’t yet know what they’re doing. It’s a simple colour to work with a fairly easy to pair especially with splashes of Browns or Maroons.


Credit @kcstauffer 

2. Incorporate woods, metals or glass into your furniture

Pick an accent material and stick to it, the popular choice is of course wood. Tables and chairs with their deep streaks of wood grains add a touch of rustic to any room. Just the simple teak legs of a coffee table do so much in adding age to a place. Absolute love. 


3. Make sure to have splashes of accent shades such as green or maroon

Accent colours are highly important, they breakup lightness and give weight to the room, the usual popular choices are  Maroons , Pink, Navy or if you so fancy you could give Pantone’s colour of the year ago, the slight army green shade is versatile and sunny. Perfect for a nature-themed home. Boarddesign's mushroom stools are the perfect example! 


4. Plants never fail, have a couple (or ten) lying around.

Here’s a little life pro tip: Money Plants? ABSOLUTE gardening hack, they need almost no care at all while growing and flourishing into lush creepers. They fill up a space with dashes of bright luxurious green in no time at all!  Not a fan of leafy plants? How about Succulents, Cactuses are obviously easy but may not be good plants to have around little ones. Try the Echeveria family instead, their fleshy and adorable perfect for a window sill.

5. Flow-y curtains is always helpful at diffusing external light

Flow-y Muslin or gauzy material never fails to add some lightness to a space. The Stokke Mini bumper bed sits gorgeously next to a window, helping to reflect light back into the room and gives baby a sense of unending calm as it gently blows in the breeze.


Credit @emmaaleksandrov

6. Windows, open them

You don’t even need to have anything for this point. Everyone has windows! Now open them, Singaporeans are lucky to have relatively clean air and bright sunlight almost all year round, now soak up that sweeeeet Vitamin C.

Credit @kcstauffer 

7. An accent couch

We forget the importance of a good couch sometimes, it’s almost as important as a good bed. They are where you and your loved ones will socialize for a long time to come, make sure it’s good!

8. Versatile children’s playroom.

A playroom needs to grow with a child from infant-hood to the ornery years of toddler twos and on to the later days of angst teenhood. Items need to be adaptable and should age well.  A play table for crayons and paints now can be a bedside table for books and alarm clocks then.

Just follow our list and you’ll be doing house tours and #instahomes in no time!