Best Playgrounds in Singapore

  !! Hi Mummies and Daddies

We’re officially in the thick of the loooong awaited SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS! A whole week of rest, relaxation and doing absolutely nothing (and thats a good thing!)

As parents we may be racking our brains for places to take our little ones and keep them engaged for longer than a second, and we all know how hard that can be. We want our kids to play and frolic outside and have an all-round memorable holiday, but with things being so expensive these days, that’s getting increasingly difficult. So to decrease your parenting stress and increase your little one’s fun-o-meter, here is Mums & Babes list of Singapore’s Best Playgrounds!


          One cannot write about playgrounds without reference to the biggest and greatest one of all: Marine Cove Playground @ East Coast Park. With its red, blue and yellow nautical theme, this structure is quite a sight to behold and explore. It features multiple slides and fireman poles with connecting rope bridges which we know kids (and adults) absolutely cannot resist. There are nooks and crannies to explore; one particular rope ladder takes you all the way up to the top of the structure and into a lookout point.

Marine Cove Playground @ East Coast Park

The surrounding beaches and fields are definitely a must to explore as well, preferably with your trusty Azetabio Organic Baby Mosquito Repellent, this lotion spray formula makes application easy and leaves no feelings of stickiness great for baby and mummy!


         Here’s a little known playground type: Wallholla’s Vertical Playgrounds @ Jurong, Bishan, Ang Moh Kio and Punggol. These nifty little boxed playgrounds have been in Singapore since early 2014 but still seem to be in general obscurity. Their rope type web walls allow kids a multitude of ways to configure their play and imagination. The structures give your little ones space to invent despite being compact, giving you so much more room for creativity!


Wallholla’s Vertical Playgrounds @ Jurong, Bishan, Ang Moh Kio and Punggol

With all the climbing bits on this innovative playground, don’t you wish you could wear your bug protection? Enter Petalous Shoes! This Spanish footwear brand incorporates the repellent INTO the shoe, so little babies feet will smell like eucalyptus and lemongrass and keep all the bugs away!

Craving for tradition? Try the Sembawang Park Playground@Sembawang, with its wooden structure and bamboo foundations, it teaches both parents and baby about history. The structures seeks to pay tribute to two battle ships; The Prince of Wales and Repulse, both of which sunk during World War II. The little ones can explore the insides of the wooden ship and at the same time learn a little about Singapore’s past.


 Sembawang Park Playground@Sembawang

So this is our comprehensive list to keep your Adventures safe, fun and awesome! Get exploring wonderful people! <3