How To Hide Your Post-partum Tummy!

How To Hide Your Post-partum Tummy!


Often wonder how celebrities who gave birth just barely a month ago, show up at a press event or print ad set looking put together, toned and in shape? Sure, we all know that Photoshop does wonders. I could look like Miss Piggy and with a good Photoshop artist, be digitally altered to look like a Victoria Secret’s angel. What about those who appear in person, live, with a flat stomach and toned torso underneath a fashionable outfit?

Where did their postpartum tummy go?

The answer to that is shapewear.

Not just any shapewear, but a good shapewear. 

What is good shapewear?

A good shapewear should be comfortable yet firm enough to hold your body in shape to look toned and hopefully, slightly slimmer. 

There are NO shapewear in the market that helps you lose weight. Don’t fall for that gimmick. A good shapewear aids in smoothing out lumps and giving you a sleeker silhouette. 



Another use for shapewear is postpartum care. Especially for  C-section mummies, you will be advised by your doctor after the procedure to wear a girdle. A girdle will help to hold the wound in place and prevent too much movement that might cause tearing or loosening of the stitches. However, usually the girdles sold at hospitals are very unfriendly and rough. Many new mothers experienced cuts and rashes from the coarse and hard material the girdle is made of and give up keeping it on after the first week. 



That is why WINK has designed their shapewear with comfort in mind and their Ultimate Postpartum Original Bikini is just the product I think every mother-to-be should have in her closet! Its soft material does not chafe our delicate sensitive skin and holds the body firmly in place! It is the perfect shapewear for the warm Singapore climate due to the breathable material that promotes ventilation. The Wink Original Bikini is strong enough to smooth love handles, back fat rolls and tummy pooches while also being soft enough to allow you to remain comfortable.


A woman-owned company, WINK prides themselves in offering an elite class of ultra-strong, yet seamless and soft, compression and slimming garments and after giving their shapewear a place in your closet, you will not be able to imagine life without it.