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Boardesigns Elephant Slide

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Elephant slide that awakens sensibility

The fact that the paper slide has been made from paper having unique warm 
texture and smell and analogue sensibility arouses their interest.


Perfectly finished toys can limit children’s imagination and children tend to 
easily lose their interest in them. If children themselves draw pictures and 
make their own elephant slide with their parents, the slide will be a good 
friend to play with for a long time.

Slide made from eco-friendly paper

Compared to plastic or MDF plywood materials, specially reinforced corrugated 
cardboards which corn starch glue is used to bond them are eco-friendly and safe 
for even atopic skin as they don’t contain heavy metals and chemicals.

Although it’s been made from paper, it has a strong packaging 
structure and reinforced durability by using specially reinforced corrugated 
cardboards so that children can ascend and play on it in a room.

Product Size : 1992*560*780mm

Product Weight : 11Kg

Package Size : 1421*812*121mm

Package Weight : 14.6Kg

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