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Boon Grass Drying Rack Green

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Grass Drying Rack Green

The Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack in the Green style holds your freshly washed kitchen items in a convenient and orderly standing position while water collects and is contained in the lower tray. The two-piece construction is simple to clean, and the grass-blade design accommodates items of various sizes. The low-profile design and fun look make this functional item a lovely addition to your kitchen.

A fresh take on drying racks. From bottles to pacifiers, Grass holds all your baby accessories as they air dry on the flexible blades that resemble real grass.
Water drains into the lower tray, where it's completely contained.

  • Holds items upright for drying as excess water collects in the bottom tray
  • Two-piece design is easy to clean
  • Great for drying baby accessories of various shapes and sizes
  • Low-profile drying rack with flexible blades that resemble grass looks great in your kitchen
  • Dimensions: 9.5"L x 9.5"W x 2.5"H
  • BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free


NOT Dishwasher-safe. Wash thoroughly before initial use and periodically. Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. DO NOT microwave.

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