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Kokadi Flip Z Baby Size - Diorite Stars

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 Diorite Stars

With our design "Diorite Stars", your baby is lovingly guarded and can completely recover while sleeping. The dark basic colour is a real sight and a must have for the coming season. You want to be a trendsetter and still love it simple? Then, this design is the right choice for you. The Flip Diorite Stars is also suitable for daddies who live to carry. The decent colours and the inconspicuous stars  is ideal for  everyone.

"Diorite Stars" is made of 100 percent organic cotton and is an ideal alternative to the baby wrap. The headrest is completely made oft the cloth of our baby wraps and optimally supports the head of your sleeping baby. Whether you're planning a long walk or just need to go shopping, with our baby carriers you always have a good support in your daily life. The classic weave is particularly soft and ideal for newborns.

Color: black, white
Pattern: Stars
Material: 100% organic cotton

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Color Black
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