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Dr Brown's Breastmilk Collection Bottle STD, 120ml (4pack)

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Dr Brown's Bottle 

  • Our bottles are known for reducing colic, spit-up, burping and gas 
  • Proven to help preserve bottle milk nutrients 
  • Vitamins C, A, and E are critical for health in infancy 
  • Vacuum-free feeding helps digestion
  • Good digestion is essential for babies, particularly newborns 
  • Fully-vented bottle design Closest to breastfeeding 
  • Internal Vent System and silicone nipple work together 
  • Controlled flow so babies feed at their own pace 

Dr Brown's Storage Bags 

The Breastmilk Storage Bag’s extra-durable design works overtime, with additional exterior trim to cushion in case of dropping. Double zip seals keep the air out while the super-thick material keeps the breastmilk fresh in the freezer or fridge. 

Dr Brown's Breast Pads 

For worry-free, wash-and-wear convenience, Dr. Brown’s Washable Breast Pads are a breastfeeding mom’s discreet defense. The reusable pads are economical, easy to slip in, and can keep up with even the busiest mom. 

Dr. Brown's Shells/Nipple Shield 

Flat or inverted nipples, overactive letdown, sore nipples – the Nipple Shield can help! The ultra-thin, soft 100% silicone shield feels more natural, featuring a cut-out to maximize skin-to-skin contact with baby. The all-in-one carrying and Sterilizing Case protects the shields, microwave sterilizes, and acts as a drying rack.

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