This full sized magnetic board direct from Korea, has been features in the Return of Superman and numerous other shows in Asia. The board promotes independent learning and eases your child into hand eye coordination training as well as fun in education.



Our little baby model thoroughly enjoyed herself in our Naif Milk Bath, the brand has roots in Europe as has been a popular choice among parents for the past few years. Gentle and effective, it leaves baby (and mummy) happy and healthy.



This is #supercool, Singapore may not have a white Christmas but make sure your little one is the talk of the Sunny town with these child sized aviators. They come in patterned or matte frames and an array of different lens colours, all fully UV protected to keep those pesky rays out.

Available at Mums & Babes, #02-28, United Square


Smartrike Trampoline

Can we really say no to 1 toy with 3 WAYS to play? Its like Christmas 3 times. This Smartrike playstation works as a playpen, ball pit AND an assisted trampoline! Time to build those little leg muscles.


Pandi Panda Comforter

Super soft and fleece lined, we’ve got throw blankets and these are for your little ones, perfect for their soft skin and small fingers. The comforter rattles softly and works well to calm your babies.   


Yookidoo Musical Duck Race

Who loves ducks, music and bath toys? Kids! Yookidoo has been the parent’s choice for bath toys since 2014. Their range promotes creative play and curiosity, the toys configure in a multitude of way to ensure that your child gets to decide how they want to play.



Sturdy outdoor shoes that ALSO drive the pesky mosquitoes away? YES PLEASE! Produced in the hillsides of Spain, these shoes will help those little feet stay clean and itch free. Each pair is infused with the scent of eucalyptus and lemongrass to ensure wonderful smelling toes after a long day!