National Day Tips and Tricks! 

With this year’s National Day Parade fast on the horizons, many young families are undoubtedly wracking their brains on where best to see our annual fireworks. Toddlers and babies can be especially fussy with all the hub bub and excitement around them, so here’s our list of tips and tricks to help your family and little tots have a safe, fun and easy National Day outing!

Keep the little ones Hydrated

In our balmy tropical weather, children play and dehydrate very quickly; more often than not they don’t know when they need water. As parents we need to make a concerted effort to keep them hydrated, lets me honest though it’s really hard to get children to drink the bland tasteless H2O.  So we propose the colourful Tall Flip Straw Sippy Cup from American brand Boon Inc. Its rounded edges and curved sides keep it ergonomically designed to fit well in little hands, easy to sip from and impossible to break.

Get them to eat! 

Sometimes it can be very tough to get your child to sit still in an outdoor picnic, they are either uninterested in the food or just itching to take off an play, but with the Boon Snack Ball you can almost make a game out of it! Pack the ball with almonds or corn chips and toss them around with your child, rewarding catches with the little snacks. They click open and close smoothly and fit just right for their little fingers, great way to keep snacks interesting! 

Aternatively, need a snack container to keep mummy from losing her mind? Perhaps Dr. Brown's Snack-A-Pillar Dipping Cups is the better option. Wide mouthed and stackable they hold anywhere from 1-5 different snacks according to your preference, they fit nicely in to the side pockets of any backpack! 

Keep baby calm

For the parents with younger babies, the loudness and lights of the fireworks may cause some anxiety to both mummy and baby. This is where comfort toys play a huge role, the Comfort Blanket from Pandi Panda is sure to do the trick, the soft fabric and little teddy head is bound to keep your child calm and happy while watching the bright lights of the show!

Trendy Gear for Mummy and Daddy

With all these little knick knacks under your belt, the vibrant red Okiedog Sakawa Sumo would be your best and most fashionable bet to carry things around. I mean what better way to celebrate Singapore’s National Day then wearing the colours of our flag right!  

To top it all off here the Recaro Easy Life Stroller in pink to complete the whole national day ensemble! It opens and closes in two easy steps an can be done with one hand. Perfect for the mummies and daddies with their hands full. !

At 20% off its sure to be a steal!