Online Shopping Yay or Nay? 

In this day and age, online shopping is no longer an unfamiliar concept. Everything from food to baby clothes to computer parts can be bought with a click of your mouse, gone are the hassles of going to shop after shop just to find one tiny specific thing. If you haven’t jumped on the online shopping bandwagon, my only question to you is: why not?


Random Discounts!

Shopping online has a slew of benefits, one of the biggest being random discounts! It’s like opening up your browser and receiving a surprise every day, I mean who doesn’t enjoy a good deal? Discounts, sales, coupon codes. Online shops are able to go bigger on their sales and lower on their prices, in all the places that count the most.


Easy Searching!

As young families, we want to spend as much time as we can with the ones we love, time spent browsing row after row of items is not time well spent. Shopping online takes that dilemma away, Mum and Dad can now give the time, which would have been spent picking up groceries, to their dear little ones instead! With our search bar you can find all our New Arrivals such as Puku, Azetabio, Bebecook and Evertto!


Cheaper Prices!

Online vendors usually have a lower overhead cost than brick and mortar shops, what this means is that they are in turn more likely to pass on their value savings to you, the buyer. Cheaper online purchases mean more extra savings for you and your little ones so why wait?  Like our set of Bebecook wise moms Cheese rice snacks which are much cheaper than in physical stores, they are slightly sweet and gentle yet giving your little ones the protein and calcium they need.


Free Shipping!!

Imagine a world in which you suddenly need something urgently but don’t have the time to actually travel to the place to get the item. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could just maybe … send it to you? Well good news- in this world, IT ACTUALLY EXISTS. An increasing number of online shops are providing free shipping or timed sales for shipping at no cost for all their items. You can literally search for something, purchase it and with a snap of your magic fingers, the product will be at your door step in a few short days. Amazing isn’t it? We think so too!   


So to show you just how amazing online shopping is, here’s a super-special, super-secret $5 off for the first 10 customers who use the code SHOPM&B5. Fastest fingers first!


*valid for all items except Diapers and Jujube related pieces.

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