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Kiinde Squeeze Bottle Nipples -Slow

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Kiinde Squeeze Bottle Nipples -Slow is an active latch nipple that is designed to teach and reward deep, wide, natural latching.
The Kiinde Squeeze is a bottle system that includes disposable pouches and reusable bottle and nipple that can connect directly to some pumps. This bottle seems like it will be a time saver and prevent some cleaning steps, but it actually requires more assembly, that is more complex, than other options, and the pouch holder and nipple (similar number of items as traditional bottles) will still need to be cleaned between feedings. We think the use of disposable pouches is bad for the environment and they have no real advantage in performance to justify the added cost and time. While we do like the idea of pumping right into the pouch for storage and attaching to bottle when needed, the low performance scores make this design one we do not recommend.
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