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Prince Lionheart Washpod - Blue

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Washpod- Blue
  • Conserves water for eco-happy bath times
  • European design—physician and midwife recommended
  • Baby comfortably sits on a cushion in the natural fetal position
  • High-low rim allows Baby to see the world around them
  • For babies 0-6 months old

It’s a bucket bath. We’ll be the first to say it. But this bucket is recommended by physicians and midwives as the best way to bathe babies. Why? Because it reminds them of 9 months in Mommy’s tummy where they were warm and cozy in the fetal position. Most other infant tubs lay babies on their backs and then parents must cup water over their bodies to keep them warm. No need to cup water over babies in the washPOD 'cause they can stay submerged up to their chest in warm water and the walls prevent any draft from chilling them. No fish out of water here!

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