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Upspring Baby Walking Wing

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Upspring Baby Walking Wing

What is Walking Wings

Each new milestone your baby achieves is exciting—especially taking those first magical steps. And UpSpring has developed a product that helps babies learn to walk at the same time it helps reduce back pain for parents. Walking Wings helps your baby learn to walk more safely by balancing naturally, hands-free and experiencing fewer falls—building confidence and making them less afraid of the process.


Fasten the safety buckle on the back of the Walking Wings vest and tighten strap as snugly as possible for proper support. Vest should be tightened so it does not easily ride up on child. Always use the safety buckle—never depend on the hook and loop only to support the child.

After fastening the vest, hold the handle straps securely while allowing your child to balance and confidently practice walking. Letting children be hands free, as Walking Wings does, will improve their balance and stability. Parents should always hold the handles with two hands.

Although your baby may be eager to walk, each baby is different and using Walking Wings may take some practice. You may need to try a few times before baby is comfortable.

Testimonials Of Walking Wings


Parents And Babies Love Using Walking Wings

"I’m in love with Walking Wings! My daughter is 15 months old, but she’s still not walking on her own. All of her friends are nine and ten months old and running! So the hubby and I bought Walking Wings and she loves it. We have been walking all day with it. Since she wasn’t holding my fingers, she realized she needed to be a big girl and do it on her own. And she took two big steps—I’m so proud of her! Thank you, Walking Wings, for making a product to give hope to parents out there." — Veronica S.

“Walking Wings is a great safety feature for day care centers with multiple babies in the learning-to-walk phase. Very beneficial in supporting physically challenged children and will help them with balance and coordination while learning to walk.” — Kelly Montgomery (Preschool Director)

“On behalf of the staff of Opportunities, thank you for the generous donation of Walking Wings. Children like Randie and Pete are fortunate to take their very first steps with the help of Walking Wings. We are thankful to have friends like you, and appreciate your commitment to ensuring that children and adults who have developmental disabilities remain part of the community. “ — Patty S., Administrative Director Joan Carter, Development Coordinator Opportunities, Inc (a non-profit organization located in Texarkana, TX that provides developmental and support services to children and adults who have disabilities)


Pediatricians Love Walking Wings Too

“Walking Wings is a much safer way to support the baby. Children can get hurt when you hold one hand as they learn to walk. They can lose their balance and twist their arm and shoulder. My children are past that stage, and my back still hurts from bending over and helping them learn to walk.” — Jaime E. Ramirez, MD (Pediatrician)

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