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Visio Focus Mini Thermometer

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Mini Thermometer
Hospital Grade Thermometer That Was Used During Sars Period For Its Accuracy!! Pocket Size For Easy Storing and Bringing Out With you! Non Contact, and It Tells You Exactly How Far From Your Baby For Accurate Reading! Hygienic and easy to use, VisioFocus® is the non-contact thermometer recommended by doctors and paediatricians: - the only thermometer in the world that projects the temperature reading - the projection system also indicates the correct reading distance - silent, it does not touch the skin and does not disturb your child’s sleep - measures and projects the temperature of objects, food, liquids (1 to 80°C / 33.8 to 176°F) and the skin, as well as the ambient temperature - 5 colours illuminated display - 9 memories
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Manufacturer Visio Focus
Color Black
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